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Today, data is the most expensive part of your mobile phone plan, SMS and minutes have become commodity.
By using our app, you can enjoy up to 100% more web surf.
When Roaming and you need to buy more data to surf normal web, buying 1Gb data can get you up to 2Gb of websurf.
Ad-blocking stops most banners and advertisements which reduces disturbance when browsing and gives you faster internet and less data usage.
Data compression & Ad-blocking combined gives faster internet performance using more than half the data than normal!


WiFi Hotspots, a high risk zone

Today 80 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world help connect consumers via the web; by 2020 estimations are at an incredible 440 million hotspots. The problem is that they all are unsafe and the biggest source of Identity theft today.

K-Chiing encrypt any iPhone, iPad or Android device connecting to internet with Bank-level security through servers placed globally in 35+ countries.
Designed for you, easy to use bank-level encryption.

Stay smart – Start saving with K-Chiing

When travelling your behavior changes and with such your security needs.
If you are on a mobile network, K-Chiing will compress your data when surfing with over 50% and by that also lower your data cost.
If on a public Wifi hotspot, those are unsecure and you are vulnerable, K-Chiing secures your Wifi connection and makes you invisible all at the same time you are saving mobile data aswell!