Mobile Carriers

We help carriers around the world to increase the security and overall experience of their users mobile life. MYMobileSecurity’s main strategy have always been to address the global user market through mobile carriers and partners. In order for a partner to launch a 3rd party service, a proper integration with a vendor such as MYMobileSecurity is necessary to secure the user experience when it comes to marketing, provisioning, billing and support of such service.

We at MYMobileSecurity knows this, that’s why we have continuously developed over the last 8 years our Integration platform SENSUS. It have the capacity that all normal partners and carriers have, and with a few basic connection mostly provided through standard documentation, SENSUS will be able to market, provision, bill and support any of our services to your customers, with a true carrier experience. SENSUS will reduce normal integration work with a 99% efficiency, and once integrated, any service can be launched or changed by a press of a button.

Is security important to your customers?

Do you want to increase loyalty of your customers?

Are you looking for ways to increase your margins without any cost?

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Best wishes Kevin Freij

CEO of MYMobile Security