MYAndroid Protection
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MYAndroid Protection

For you it’s impossible to use personal judgment as a factor to which apps have malicious intent and which have not. Our technology enables malware protection, Privacy control, Backup & Recovery, Protection against theft & losses, Credit card & Identity theft protection. By combining an easy-to-use graphical interface with award-winning, business-strength technology and preconfigured settings, MYAndroid Protection makes getting started straight forward and keeps your security level high.

Scan your Phone

Several apps have been found with embedded malware, these apps contain malware that can steal your private information, wipe your data or could increase your bill by dialing and texting Premium rate numbers without your awareness. Spyware apps can track your location, read your mail box and more. Scan your smartphone and make sure that your Android device is free of malicious software and kept that way.

Anti-Theft Options

If your device is lost or stolen we provide you all the tools needed in order to recover it. You can locate your phone on a map and once nearby trigger an audible siren in order to identify where it is, if you suspect it was stolen you can lock the phone so no one can mess with your private information, if someone changes the SIM card we will send you its number, if you lose your hope you can always wipe all your data such as family pictures and more…

Protect your Phone

Phones are becoming fancier, more popular, and more expensive, also the gadget with all your information and the tool in which you manage your daily life and by that a target to the thieves and hackers. Unless you want to deal with all the hassle of having your privacy stolen (bank records, personal pictures, emails, etc) or getting a new phone you’d rather prefer to ensure that your phone finds its way back to you or at least, make it difficult for hackers and thieves to get anything out of it.
Award Winning Anti-virus Protection

Protection against theft & loss