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MYMobileSecurity provide WiFi hotspot protection for MWC15

Did you know that WiFi hotspots are unsecured by definition?

Connecting through WiFi hotspots are nowadays an obvious choice – especially if you are travelling, working out of office or attending big events like MWC15. Despite the constantly growing nr of WiFi hotspots and WiFi usage, many people still don’t know that their private information can literally be stolen out of thin air while connected to WiFi hotspots. The reason for this is that WiFi signals are just radio waves that anyone can extract data from with the right equipment.   This means: if you are using WiFi without VPN a hacker can actually steal your identity using only a phone & the public WiFi you are connected to. Antivirus programs and firewalls are crucial to have, but they will not protect you from this. MYPrivate WiFi is a VPN that encrypts all data you are sending and receiving using the same security level as banks & governments, making you invisible to hackers.

MYMobileSecurity provide WiFi hotspot protection for MWC15

The privacy threat during MWC15 is obvious. This year’s Mobile World Congress with more than 85 000 expected visitors of the industry leaders’ executives & employees will gather in Barcelona for the

Mobile World Congress, many of them are travelling from abroad. Connecting through one or more of the thousands of WiFi hotspots available across the congress will be essential for most visitors. Since the elite of the mobile world will be gathering in one same place this will be a mecca for hackers trying to obtain private data from the industry leaders’ employees. To protect MWC15 visitors from being victims of hackers & let them make the most out of this exceptional event, MYMobile Security will provide free VPN to all visitors.