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WiFi Hackers Next Move: Take Control Over Airplanes?

WiFi Hackers Next Move: Take Control Over Airplanes?

The WiFi available for passengers on Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets, Airbus A350 and A390 aircrafts use the same network as the electronic navigation systems of the planes. WiFi hotspots are easy to hack, which makes this a security issue worthy of concern.

If you have read our posts before, you probably know by now that WiFi hotspots are very easily hacked. Hackers can and will take advantage of the security flaws to see and steal the WiFi users’ banking details, social media login credentials, social security number, private photos etc. When it comes to hacking an airplane WiFi that uses the same network for their avionics – it means that the hackers could potentially hijack the navigation system or commandeer the plane through the in-plane network, according to the US Government Accountability Office.

The issue is serious – Boeing have been warned by the Federal Aviation Administration about the vulnerabilities. To create a secure solution Boeing need to separate the passenger connectivity from the previously isolated data networks that are critical to the safe operation of the plane.

To always be invisible to hackers, in air and on ground, make sure to install a VPN on all your devices.

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