We’re hiring!

Want to be part of developing the next generation’s mobile services in Barcelona? 

MYMobileSecurity, Europe’s leading provider of mobile security services, is looking for developers with Android and iOS skills.You will be developing the next generation of services and be part of our creative, experienced and hard working Barcelona team. We are looking for a candidate that is motivated to help us bring our technology to the next level. Someone with analytic capacity, eager to learn and willing to join us.

Work time/ethics: You set your schedule with your manager. Our expectation is that you produce good work that our customers will value. We measure your accomplishments, not how much time you spend in front of the screen. We do of course expect that you will meet our customers’ sometimes demanding deadlines but in return working hours are flexible.
What do we value: Clear communication, focus, structure, open-mindedness, empathy and hardworking are some of our core values. We want all employees to understand this culture and that each employee will thrive within a team of people passionate about self-improvement, honesty and openness.
Are you the one we are looking for? Yes, if you:

• Are a good developer.
• Have excellent debugging skills.
• Have great OO design and architecture skills.
• Write codes that are easy for other programmers to understand and use.
• Use descriptive variable names in your code.
• Like structure.
• Are focused.
• Enjoy working in teams.
• Can communicate in English.

We invest in having fun together and building the team spirit. For example we have been to Stockholm for an MMA fight, Berlin to watch the Champions League final, last year we went skiing to Italy and we’re planning what to do next!

Position Requirements:
Profile : Proactive and dynamic person, problem solving oriented and eager to grow along our young company
Responsabilities: The candidate will develop android applications with Android Studtio, integrating with 3rd party SDKs and APIs of the company backend, and also help implement new functionalities of our products, answering directly to the CTO of the company
Required Experience: 2 years minimum experience as Android app developer. UI/UX knowledge and REST API familiarity is required. It would be nice if you could provide/tell us about your portfolio
Degree: Computer Science Tec BSc or Computer Science Eng is required
Related Technologies : Android ; Android Studio ; UI/UX ; Java ; Spanish ; English ; Agile ; Scrum ; GIT; JIRA ; Confluence
Languages: Spanish, English, both at proficient level.

Extended Description:

We would like you to join us as soon as you can. We understand you might have to fix your knowhow transfer with your current employee, but it would be interesting if you could give us a date.

Project Roadmap and Position Description:
• 2017 will be an exciting year for us as we are aiming to provide innovative mobile security services to the market.
• You will be the lead developer of our 2 android applications, helping the user stay protected and save data when roaming!
• You will be working along our backend developer to implement new features and services that are server to app , app to server related.
• You will be brainstorming along all the members of the company to think of new ways to improve our products or generate new ones.
• You will get to know world leading partners and perform integrations of our offering with high profile companies.
• We are willing to have you as a critical piece on our development team to make our company grow
• Have a strong voice when it comes to product design, contribute with your own ideas and see them in the market, be involved in product development strategies.
• We’re a growing small company but we want you as a critical piece in our next step

Salary and Contracting
• Full time work in Barcelona during 6 months as try out. After 5 months we evaluate together and decide on agreement going forward
• Company plan to become mid level manager of app developing

Other Benefits:
• Be treated like an adult, we think people is responsible and able to push for their own projects within the company, no need to give explanations if you need to go to the doctor or feel sick, work in a kind a relaxed environment , we understand family needs always come first the same way we trust in our people to grind teeth and push when project need it.
• As we grow together, tele working is an option.
• Fun company trips and activities
• A state of the art smartphone (budget around 500€)

Interested? Send your CV to hr@mymobilesecurity.com!