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Mar,2015, Spain

The dangers with using Public HotSpots

It’s not our intention to make you panic, but the experts on mobile communications alert that the danger of using public hotspots is real, since the hackers converted it into one of their main working “tools”.

The technique they use was named as “man in the middle”, and it consists on creating fake hotspots that interacts between our mobile device and the real connection point. Thus, at the moment we access the network, the data thieves have free access to all information stored on our mobile devices at their disposal.

Therefor, the experts alert on the necessity to install in all our devices, mobiles and laptops, the proper protection software. Through an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) total confidentiality can be ensured in all our communications while using a public hotspot.

The problem is, so far, the aren’t to many apps that provides this kind of service, although fortunately, you can find some like MYPrivate WiFi, which was recently presented at the MWC Barcelona.

Cyber security agencies report that, since 2008, hackers have attacked thousands of persons. Nearly 90% of the victims suffered those attacks during travels to Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia and South Korea although frequent actions have been detected in the USA, UAE, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany and Mexico.

The preferred victims are Directors from distinct industries such as, electronic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, automotive and defense, besides ONG workers.


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