MYMobile Security Careers

Want to be part of developing the next generation’s mobile services in Barcelona?

MYMobileSecurity, Europe’s leading provider of mobile security services, is looking for developers with Android and iOS skills.

You will be developing the next generation of services and be part of our creative, experienced and hard working Barcelona team.


Work time/ethics

You set your schedule with your manager. Our expectation is that you produce good work that our customers will value. We measure your accomplishments, not how much time you spend in front of the screen. We do of course expect that you will meet our customers’ sometimes demanding deadlines but in return working hours are flexible.


What do we value:

Clear communication, focus, structure, open-mindedness, empathy and hardworking are some of our core values. We want all employees to understand this culture and that each employee will thrive within a team of people passionate about self-improvement, honesty and openness.


Are you the one we are looking for? Yes, if you:

  • Are a good developer.
  • Have excellent debugging skills.
  • Have great OO design and architecture skills.
  • Write codes that are easy for other programmers to understand and use.
  • Use descriptive variable names in your code.
  • Like structure.
  • Are focused.
  • Enjoy working in teams.
  • Can communicate in English.

We invest in having fun together and building the team spirit. For example, this year we went to Stockholm for an MMA fight and to Berlin to watch the champions´ league final. Next year we will go skiing in Italy and more.


How to apply:

Send information about you (CV)

Portfolio of applications you have done or been part of and what you have done code wise.

PDF format is preferred

Send to: hr@mymobilesecurity.com