Hate the feeling of losing your smartphone?

What to do if you have lost your Android phone

Most of us has experienced it… The awfully scary feeling of not finding your smartphone in the pockets nor in the bag. It’s a situation creating a sense of helplessness. The most common action in that moment is probably to borrow a friend’s phone to call your own number and hope you hear the ringtone (which you most likely have turned off…) or that a friendly soul answers and help you get it back.


But there’s a lot more you can do to manage the situation…

Read this simple 4-step guide to learn how much easier it is to handle the situation when having MYAndroid Protection installed on your phone.


lost phone green

MYAndroid Protection can be downloaded HERE

Except for the features described in the infographic the app also includes all of the following features:

Free Features
Real time virus monitor
Fast Scan
Full Scan
Schedule scans
Antitheft – Sound an alarm
Antitheft – Lock the device
Antitheft- SIM Swap notification
Antitheft- Customized reporting number
Privacy – Get the privacy summary
Safe Surf- monitors malicious URL and block malware when surfing
Full security log
Stealth Mode

Premium features
Custom Scan
Virus Database Updates
Antitheft – Locate device
Antitheft – Wipe device
Privacy – Access to each summary item to see the apps that are actually a threat
Privacy- Uninstall unwanted apps

/Team MYMobile Security