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Average time kids spends online growing up.


Percentage of children stating that parents are unaware.


Estimated pornsites. We will block them from your child.



1. Install our app on your kids smartphone, tablet or computer.

2. Adjust scrrentime and filter out content from your own phone or PC.


MYFamily Protections dashboard keeps you in control of your childs digital activities.


The markets best web filter

Child-safe internet. Automatic blocking of pages with dangerous or inappropriate content.

Restrict apps and games

Stop worrying about expensive downloads or excessive gambling. Through the parent dashboard you can see which apps your child is using. You decide what is allowed and when.

Daily report

Become a present parent online. With our daily report you get a daily overview of your childs digital life. Use it as a basis for chat.

Safe searches

Child safety works on all search engines. No dangerous or inappropriate content is displayed regardless of keywords.

Smart screen time

Check your childrens screen time in a smarter way. Set time quotas per day, per week, or create individual screen schedules.

Secure social media

Take care of your child’s social life and interests. Get insight into how much time is spent on each social medium, who the latest facebook friend is and which youtube videos your child likes.

An account for all devices

With MYFamily Protection you always have full control at no extra cost. 1 account is enough to protect all the kids tablets, phones and computers.

Free installation help

Not techy? Don’t worry, all new users are offered free start-up help by our support specialists.



3, june 2019 Violence is something that is constantly occurring in the game GTA. The animations are also very realistic, which means that if someone, for example, get shot in the stomach then they can fall without dying and instead bleed to death leaning against a wall. Because the environment is so realistic, everything you do in it becomes much more real than a game played in a “fantasy” environment. The women in GTA are either strippers, prostitutes or unfaithful wives and they are often regarded by the male characters as sex objects. We therefore strongly recommend following GTA’s 18 year limit.


16, may 2019 Roblox is not a game but a platform where everyone can create games that are then played by everyone. Today, they have about 70 million users. The games are relatively straightforward and the figure you use can walk or jump. Many players can be at the same time working together or competing against each other. The game is free to download to your computer, phone or tablet, but if you want auxiliary equipment, it costs money. Several cases have reported the occurrence of sex chats and group rapes within the game, and that there even have been games created with sex rooms. These reports, the chat and how easy in is to buy things is the reason we are warning you.


6, may 2019 Coin Master is mobile game from the age of 7, but the game is a casino game for children. The fact that you can also buy things inside the game means that in many ways it resembles what online casinos today make money from. However, one cannot win any money in the game and then no gaming license is needed either. Coin Master is available both in Iphone, Ipads and Android. In the game there is a slot machine where you spin your rewards that you can then use inside the game. By uploading with real money you can spin more times and thus get ahead faster in the game.

Some words from us behind MYFamily Protection

We are parents ourselves. Parents who love the new digital possibilities and the endless benefits they can give our children. But for our children to feel good and develop, present and committed parents are required. This should be just as obvious in the digital life as in the physical. MYFamily Protection is our initiative to create the conditions for it. It is a tool for making you, and us, better parents online.

Today we have a more open dialogue about life on the nose. And actually less conflicts as we decide the terms together

Christina, mother to Filip 8 years

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