How hackers can become burglars…

If you own a smartphone you probably have hundreds of photos in there – and it’s not impossible that in one of those photos your keys are laying in the background somewhere. One of these photos is all a hacker needs to make a copy of your key by simply using a 3D-printer.

The reason it’s possible to actually copy keys from an image (we know it sounds almost unrealistic!) is the breakthrough of advanced 3D printers that can create three-dimensional figures in plastic. “Yes, it’s possible to copy a key from a photo, in any case if it’s a fairly simple key,” says Håkan Hedlund, technology expert at SSF, the Swedish Theft Prevention Association, to CSO Online.

Wonder how the hackers can access your PRIVATE photos to find such images? If you don’t have a VPN installed on your phone when using WiFi hotspots hackers can see and steal your private content – for example photos. Not having anti-virus installed on your phone is a also risky – malware can be hidden in certain apps or websites with the purpose to extract content from your phone


Our security advise is to:

1. Never publish a photo on Facebook or Instagram which your keys clearly visible on the table for example

2. Protect your phone from hackers! For example: Always use VPN when using public WiFi hotspots to make your phone’s content and images are invisible to hackers. Also make sure you have a security program installed on your smartphone that protects you from sneaky malware


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Souce: https://www.cso.com.au/article/579079/expect-surge-new-banking-malware-after-software-leak/