Aftonbladet, Sweden

Swedish Kevin won dream prize in Barcelona

Kevin Freij is the man who last week made all citizens of Barcelona become green with envy.
He got to sleep two nights in the city’s most famous house, Casa Batlló, created and designed by the world famous architect Antoni Gaudí.
– I have stayed in a few five star hotels in my life. But this was something very, very special.

What is relevant in this story is that Casa Batlló, located in Passeig de Grácia nr 43, isn’t a residential building anymoe but only a museum .

But as the world’s biggest mobile congress took place in Barcelona last week Casa Batlló together with Airbnb arranged a competition by the theme “Create the best mobile solution to use in our house to maximise the visitor’s experience”.

First prize: two nights in Casa Batlló.

Kevin Freij, 39 is co-owner of the mobile company MYMobile Security. Together with his colleagues he created a proposal and sent it in.

– They received four thousand proposals and ideas but we won, he explains.

Became a celebrity in the process

It was only one problem. The news that they had won came the day before the Mobile World Congress was going to take place.

– How are we going to solve this? We had so many meetings scheduled.

All plans had to be rescheduled but in the end everything was solved.

Kevin was picked up in a Jaguar from 1937 and driven to his new address.

Only that must have attracted attention?

– Oh, yes! It was paparazzis on vespas and motorcycles circling around the car.

When arriving to the house Kevin was welcomed by two guards and a personal butler.

Did you get your own key?

– Yes, but I only needed it for my room. The guards always opened the doors…

The apartment was generous, several hundred square meters, and everything was supposed to look exactly like at the time Antoni Gaudí created the house, that is between 1904 and 1906.

– When the butler entered with an Amazing breakfast the first morning I also got a newspaper from 1904, says Kevin.

As of Gaudi’s time

The museum had been very keen with making everything look like it did when Gaudi lived there. Spain’s foremost movie art director, Ignacio Navarro, had been given two months to find the furniture that would be just like in the great architect’s time.

And what about the busiess meetings? Well, Kevin Freij had to organise them in his new exclusive environment. And exclusive is the right word. Kevin’s two overnight stays was a once in a lifetime happening. After that his apartment turned into a museum again.

– I had more or less twenty-two guests on Tuesday and sixteen on Wednesday, so I had to arrange with some snack and Champagne. Many of them had only seen the house from the outside and now they got the opportunity to step in. My co-owner partner has lived in Barcelona for one year but never been inside before.

Are you aware of that you have made all citizens of Barcelona green with envy?

– Believe me, I do!


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