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The luckiest guest of the Mobile World Congress

The night in which mobile business people were still desperately looking for an available hotel room, even if it was in Barcelona city outskirts, in any borough of the metropolitan area, the entrepreneur Kevin Freij, arrived in a shinning gray epoch car to Casa Batlló.

The founder of MYMobile Security, a mobile security company to protect the privacy of any mobile device while connected to the WiFi, was until that moment one more participant of the Mobile World Congress had created great expectation. Photographers, tv cameras and the hosts, the responsibles for Casa Batlló and Airbnb, the private rentals webpage that grows in a large scale worldwide and that wanted to get promoted in the event that makes all hotels in Barcelona collapse.

The hosts expecting Kevin were also dressed in Antoni Gaudi’s epoch, one century ago. He didn’t even had to worry about going into one of the taxis, for which the price seems to him extraordinarily cheap in comparison to the standards in his country, because Airbnb provided him with a beautiful car for his spectacular entrance.

“For me was all a surprise. The room was decorated with epoch furniture. There was a bathroom, a rest area and a work area. It was an area around 200 to 300 sq meters”, says the Swedish entrepreneur that won the Airbnb & Casa Batlló contest for which he had proposed an augmented reality app to enhance the visitor’s experience to the architectural iconic building.

The jury awarded his proposal with a deserved prize of two nights in one of the most privileged spots of Barcelona, where they took care to the smallest detail: catalan magazines from 1904, food and drinks included and all furniture selected by Iñigo Navarro, art director in the Woody Allen movie “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”. Was fantastic to sleep two nights in a room without a single straight line and all included” explained Kevin Freij to 02B.

Not a single complaint.

The Swedish businessman, that also has an office in Barcelona, stayed together with his business partner Jonas Borgh during two nights at the building commissioned by Josep Batlló, a wealthy textile businessman from Barcelona. Never been to Casa Batlló. Didn’t even know the entrance price. Every time he assists to Mobile World Congress he rents an apartment to all company in order to avoid the hotels super high prices.

The lucky guest doesn’t have a single complaint regarding his stay, not for Casa Batlló nor for Barcelona. He has a profile at Airbnb webpage and accesses the page that is making hotels worldwide shiver every time he needs a vacation apartment or house for rent.