MYFamily Protection

What kind of responsibilities comes with a phone when kids use them? Ability to call Mom & Dad, yes… but also, for anyone to call them! Full internet capability with full access to porn, weapons and drug sites. Ability to upload any type of pictures to Facebook or just internet, playing games in school, texting and surfing when they maybe should study.


Protect your family
in the Mobile World

Bullying is becoming a bigger problem today, with mobile phones the bullying continues after school through texting and calls… Grooming and Sexting, this is always happening behind the scenes without you as parents knowing anything!

We can give you the information and tools to start a discussion with your kids on their mobile behavior.


Rapid overview of where you all are


You can within seconds see where your loved ones are on a map. Create your own safe zones and get warnings when your kids leave the geo-fenced areas. Your kids can check in or push the panic button if in danger and you will get their instant location sent to your devices.